The History of Oaklane​

The Oaklane Quarter Midget Racing club is located on Tollgate Road in Trumbauersville PA, just 30 minutes North of Philadelphia near Quakertown. It has been home to quarter midget racers since 1957 when the track was built. Construction was completed by its members with the full support of the North Penn Gun Club on whose property the facility resides. For over 50 years Oaklane has held weekly events as well as regional and national events and has been long known as one of the fastest tracks in the country. Oaklane Quarter Midget Speedway has been sanctioned by Quarter Midgets of America for the majority of its existence.

Oaklane, like most other quarter midget racing clubs, quickly becomes a second home to all of its members and everyone is considered family. Friendships are not confined by gender or age and everyone is always willing to lend a hand to their fellow competitors. Oaklane strives to promote the importance of good sportsmanship, fairness, and responsibility while teaching our children the proper handling of a motor-driven vehicle.

Oaklane is not just about racing though. An important initiative within the Oaklane club is to teach our children the importance of community and giving back. Several special events are held throughout the racing season to raise money for just this purpose. Annual contributions are made to the local police and fire departments. Oaklane has also donated some of their proceeds to various charities devoted to the support and research of cancer and multiple sclerosis.

Oaklane hosts over twenty events each Saturday from April to October. The typical racing format consists of heat races and mains with transfers. Each spring the drivers have the opportunity to attempt to break the current track records. Many of the winningest quarter midget drivers have called Oaklane their home, won multiple Grand National championships and have gone on to dominate in other forms of racing.

The racing surface is a 1/20th mile asphalt oval track with 7 degree banking and concrete corners. For many years the walls consisted of steel boiler plate, part of which still exist today. As the car designs changed and tire compounds improved the cars became increasingly faster. In 2004 soft walls were installed in turns 2, 3, and 4 which immediately resulted in fewer injuries to drivers and considerably less damage to the cars.

From its humble beginnings in 1957 Oaklane has been transformed over the years to a premier quarter midget racing facility. Some of the many facility improvements include: a modern concession stand, covered and ventilated staging area, enclosed and climate controlled scoring tower and judges stand, electronic scoreboard, enclosed scale house, shaded grandstands, photo tower, and handicapped viewing deck. None of these improvements could have been made without the dedication, hard work, and endless contributions from Oaklane’s members. A longstanding belief within the Oaklane community is to “enjoy your time here, contribute where you can, and leave the facility better than when you arrived”