Getting Started in Quarter Midget Racing

Come out to a race!

The best way to learn about Quarter Midget racing is to come to a race. Admission is always free and this is the best opportunity to meet drivers and handlers. Check out our schedule and come watch a race. Feel free to talk to the track officials, handlers and drivers.

Arrive and Drive

 Oaklane holds special arrive and drive days where a driver aged 4 ½ -16 can get into a car and try it out for a few laps. The new drivers are taught some basic track rules and allowed to get out on the track and drive. Safety equipment and a car are supplied.

Purchasing Equipment

Getting started in Quarter Midgets, you’ll probably want to buy a used car. Rookies tend to make mistakes. A brand-new car could make it kind of stressful if it gets damaged. There are plenty of Facebook pages with used cars and equipment. Also, look for used cars after arrive and drives, and talk to members during races. As drivers “age out” of quarter midgets, cars and equipment become available at reasonable cost.

Once you have the Quarter Midget there is some equipment you will need. Safety equipment is required by USAC for all drivers. Helmet, suit, gloves, arm restraints, current certified seat belts and at least a neck collar must be worn anytime a driver is on the track. Ask our Rookie Director about this equipment.

Rookie Training

Your child may begin training as a Rookie at age 4 ½ and once done with training, practice on our track as often as they would like; however, they may not enter a race until age 5.  Kids aged 5 and up are eligible to race competitively.  There are two levels of Rookies, red and blue.  All kids must begin with Red.  The colors (red and blue) correlate to the color of the restrictor plate that is installed on the engine to reduce the power to a safe level for a beginning driver.  Once trained, your child will race as a Red Rookie to hone the skills they were taught in Rookie Training.  Among these skills are such things as: (1) proper line-up procedures, (2) understanding of the flags, (3) proper passing ability, (4) pit entry/exit, and (5) track behavior.  It will usually take several races for your driver to get the hang of everything.  Once your driver has the understanding of those skills, he/she is eligible to move up to Blue Rookie, at the discretion of the Rookie Committee (which includes the Rookie Director, President, Race Director, Tech Director and Safety Director).  After Blue Rookie, your child will move into their first competitive class of racing, depending on their age and weight.

Our Rookie Director schedules the training classes of future drivers based on the number of students.  The Rookie Training Program teaches your child all the rules associated with racing.  Understand also, that as the parent/car handler, you are also a Rookie.  The training serves everyone, not just the driver.

For information on our Rookie program feel free to contact our 2024 Rookie Director, Tiffany Smith.