Race Day Info

Weekly Divisons

Red Rookie
Blue Rookie
Jr Honda
Sr Honda
Hvy Honda
Jr Animal
Sr Animal
Unres. Animal
Jr 160

Lt 160
Hvy 160

Lt World Formula
Hvy World Formula


Practice is open until 3pm [Non-members need an Oaklane member present to be able to practice]
Pre-registration will close on race day, Saturday, at 10 AM. Pre-registration must be completed by 10 AM or the driver will start in the back of the heat race and no passing points will be given. The google form can be found at https://forms.gle/qNnaGvyBEABX1atN6 (Special races will have a separate pre-registration and timeline).
Payment, transponder pick-up and pill draw will be done at the sign-in room between 2pm-3pm.
Driver/Handler Meeting at 3:45pm in the hot chute. [Rookies should be in their cars for the meeting]
Heat races begin at 4:00pm A brief intermission after the heat races, followed by lower mains/feature races.
All drivers must have a parent/handler with them when signing in

Oaklane Members $25.00 for first car, $15 each additional car, per driver for regular race day sign in
Non-members $30.00 for first car, $20 each additional car, per driver for regular race day
$40.00 Special Events (Sponsor Cup, Shoot Out, Pumpkin)

Only Yellow "Karting" transponders may be used at Oaklane. Red "auto racing" transponders do not function correctly on the short track. We will gladly trade your red transponder for a yellow at no cost on race day.

Electric Service is Available
$15.00 per plugged in unit (trailers and motorhomes are separate units)
$15.00 per night for motorhome parking (includes trailer)
Electric fee is collected during driver sign-ins.
Electric services is available for the season for a flat fee of $180 per plugged in unit.
Generators are not permitted to be used on the premises.


Parking is free for all race families and spectators.
Spectators should park in the white parking spaces in the paved gun club lot.
Yellow Parking spaces are reserved for the fun club.
Motorhomes and trailers should be disconnected for larger events. Motorhomes will be parked behind the gun club building, as needed based on spots.
Members may purchase parking spot of their choosing for the season at $120 per unit.
A map of purchased and available parking spaces is posted in the covered area behind the bleachers.

Track Fuel

Track fuel is 87 Octane purchased from the Wawa at 309 and Tollgate Road approximately 1 mile east of Oaklane Quarter midget track. Due to daily deliveries it is recommended that fuel be purchased the day of the race.


All drivers are required to use Raceivers per USAC25 rules.
Raceiver Channel 668.