Trumbauersville, PA
Quarter Midget Racing Track - Ages 5 to 17
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Racing Rules for Parents
  • I shall not criticize any race track official unless ready to assume their duties
  • I shall not complain about anyone unless I have volunteered more hours then they have
  • I shall teach my child to race clean
  • I shall not criticize the tower unless prepared to fill one of their seats
  • I shall remember that this is not a professional sport at our level, and it is to be enjoyed by every family member
  • I shall set an example of good sportsmanship for my child to follow
  • I shall not be critical unless willing to put forth the necessary effort to correct my criticism
  • I shall offer my service for work whenever possible
  • I shall remember that all officers and other volunteering members must earn a living and have a life other then quarter midget racing and cannot work on the race track/program full time
  • I shall encourage my child to have fun racing and remember that this is THEIR CHILDHOOD, NOT MINE
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