Trumbauersville, PA
Quarter Midget Racing Track - Ages 5 to 17
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Race Results - July 25th & 26th, 2020
Red Rookie Feature 1:
1st: Gage Pio
2nd: Kodey Bossio
3rd: Braylon Morris
4th: Kennedy Burrows

5th: Dylan Steward

Red Rookie Feature 2:
1st: Avery Hughes
2nd: Mason Cantello
3rd: Brooke Fattibene
4th: Anthonio Genao
Blue Rookie Feature :
1st: McKinley Burrows
2nd: Wyatt Floczak
3rd: Mathew Keyes
4th: Wynn Bloom

Light 160:

1st: Gunnar Pio

2nd: Kiptyn Stratton

3rd: Rj Deighton

4th: Dustin Sehn

5th: Paulie Hartwig

6th: Quinlan Pio

7th: Tyler Carnevale

8th: Christopher Buffalino
9th: Anthony Luberto
10th: Jake Fattibene
11th: Jake Bosse
Sr Honda:
1st: Gunnar Pio
2nd: Paulie Hartwig
3rd: Christopher Buffalino
4th: Lei Lei Daniels
5th: Tyler Carnevale
6th: Kiptyn Stratton
7th: Rj Deighton
8th: Vincent Gueci
9th: Dustin Sehn
10th: Trevor Haynes
11th: Jake Fattibene
Heavy Honda:
1st: Jackson White
2nd: James Roselli
3rd: Hunter Wise
4th: Chase Johnson
5th: Cody Cordova
6th: Teddy Olswfski
7th: Brady Cordova
8th: Gia Conte
9th: Abby Witter
10th: Ryan Boyd
11th: Landen Gibson
Jr. Honda:
1st: Quinlan Pio
2nd: Keegan Stratton
3rd: Samuel Macedo
4th: Zeke Bergenty
5th: Anthony Luberto
6th: Larry Kelleher
7th: Joe Wilcox
8th: Easton Loomis
9th: Sj Moyer
10th: Izzy Hodges
11th: Taylor Henion
Jr. Animal:
1st: Quinlan Pio
2nd: Samuel Macedo
3rd: Larry Lelleher
4th: Keegan Stratton
5th: Joe Wilcox
6th: Sj Moyer
7th: Jameson Ramirez
8th: Taylor Henion
9th: Carter Hughes
10th: Anthony Luberto
11th: Zeke Bergenty
Lt. World Formula:
1st: Kiptyn Stratton
2nd: Gunnar Pio
3rd: Rj Deighton
4th: Jake Bosse
5th: Mary Earley
6th: Dustin Sehn
Hvy. World Formula:
1st: Jackson White
2nd: Hunter Wise
3rd: Ryan Boyd
4th: Chase Johnson
5th: James Roselli
6th: Abby Witter
7th: Cody Cordova
8th: Brady Cordova
9th: Cece Smith
10th: Zachary Cordova
11th: Teddy Olswfski

12th: Kortney Slavick

Sr. Animal:
1st: Gunnar Pio
2nd: Rj Deighton
3rd: Dustin Sehn
4th: Jake Bosse
5th: Trevor Haynes
6th: Tyler Carnevale
7th: Cody Nye
8th: Aubree Dane
9th: Christopher Buffalino
10th: Jackson Herr
Heavy 160:
1st: Jackson White
2nd: James Roselli
3rd: Cody Cordova
4th: Abby Witter
5th: Hunter Wise
6th: Ryan Boyd
7th: Gia Conte
8th: Chase Johnson
9th: Teddy Olswfski
10th: Kortney Slavick
11th: Zachary Cordova
12th: Cece Smith
Unres. Animal:
1st: Hunter Wise
2nd: Brady Cordova
3rd: Cody Cordova
4th: Zachary Cordova
5th: Chase Johnson
6th: Teddy Olswfski
Red Rookie Feature:
1st: Gage Pio
2nd: Kennedy Burrows
3rd: Braylon Morris
4th: Avery Hughes
5th: Mason Cantello
Blue Rookie Feature:
1st: Mathew Keyes
2nd: Mckinley Burrows
Gunnar Pio our SR Animal Quinlan Pio our JR Honda Gunnar Pio our SR Honda and LT 160
  Jackson White our Heavy Honda and Heavy 160 Gunnar Pio our SR Honda and LT 160
Kiptyn Stratton our Light World Formula Round Jackson White our Heavy Honda and Heavy 160 Jackson White our Heavy World Formula
Quinlan Pio our JR Animal McKinley Burrows our Blue Rookie Avery Hughes our Red Rookie (Race 2) 
Gage Pio our Red Rookie (Race 1)    

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